Our Beliefs

We have 4 big pillars that we stand on, Being affordable for everyone, always improving what we provide, giving back to our clients and showing we are nothing without them, and always listening to feedback so we can improve and shape the DTF Builder to everyones needs.

Be Affordable

Always Improving

Give Back

Always Listen

History of DTF Builder

Experienced Leadership: DTF Builder is founded by Justin Tietz, bringing over 15 years of profound expertise in the printing business. His extensive industry knowledge serves as a cornerstone in shaping the app to meet the unique needs of printing professionals.
Insider Insight: Justin Tietz's active involvement in the printing industry positions him as a valuable asset in understanding the nuanced requirements of the trade. This insider insight ensures that DTF Builder is tailored to address the specific challenges faced by businesses in the printing sector.
Inception as a Personal Solution: DTF Builder had its humble beginnings as a simple embedded app crafted for personal use. Its initial development was driven by the practical needs identified by individuals within the printing business, reflecting a grassroots approach to software creation.
Surging Demand and Business Interest: The utility of DTF Builder quickly caught the attention of numerous printing businesses. Recognizing the widespread interest, the decision was made to enhance and make the app available beyond its original scope. This transformation was fueled by the goal to meet the demands of a broader audience.
Continuous Improvement: Since its expansion, DTF Builder has undergone a continuous process of refinement and enhancement. The development team is dedicated to making daily improvements, ensuring that the app evolves to meet the ever-changing demands of the dynamic printing industry.
Affordability and Excellence: The overarching goal of DTF Builder is to provide an affordable yet exceptional program. By doing so, the aim is to empower every print business, irrespective of size or scale, with a robust tool that enhances efficiency, productivity, and overall operational success.